It is Spring year-round on the hallways of the Therapeutic Day Program. The installation of a series of nature inspired murals and paintings have been created to brighten the TDP area of Amos Cottage.  If you recall from our previous Newsletter Paul Delph with the CDSA was one of the employees in the ‘Spotlight’; Paul is our resident artist.  I simply shared my idea of creating a ‘calming space’ through the integration of visual elements of nature in our treatment area and Paul fully embraced the idea.  Calming natural colors and mural cut outs of flowers, a birdbath, and a redesigned Logo were created.  Please plan on coming by and visiting our newly painted space…. it is like a breath of fresh air!!

Speaking of the outdoors we are finally beginning the installation of our Therapeutic Outdoor Play Space; a space we fondly refer to as TOPS. Deb Evans our program psychologist is leading the treatment design, “This will be a unique, dynamic space with a range of creative materials designed to be so highly motivating that children who struggle with social and emotional skill deficits will be naturally drawn into practicing the very social and emotional skills they lack under the guidance and supervision of our trained therapeutic team.”  “Parents and others in the community will be brought into the space to work with our licensed staff to build their understanding of their children’s challenges and to learn skills they can use to facilitate social and emotional skills in the home and community”.  The space will include a variety of plays areas/stations.  We will be actively seeking individuals from our local community to funds space features; if you or someone you know is interested in donating funds to support this project simply contact the program

Creativity abounds in the TDP. Intense parent involvement is a critical component to our treatment.  To further enhance our parent treatment work we have recently created ‘Parent Engagement’ sessions. These sessions are rotated through the discipline areas and are led by the members of the treatment team.  In one recent session led by Paige our Music Therapist, parents learned to use music to engage their child.  The counseling staff observed children interact with their parents/caregivers obtaining valuable information to further enhance their individual counseling sessions. Following the engagement activities the Licensed Therapist then leads a debriefing guiding discussion about their session experience.  Parents have responded favorably to these sessions reflecting in their exit surveys that these therapeutic activities were one of their ‘favorite’ treatment interventions!

The TDP is dynamic place where growth and change happen every day!

Mary Dame

Program Director